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Personal & Corporate Accounts


Redwoods of Heathrow provide personal and corporate account facilities for various individuals and organisations.




Opening an account is an ideal way to organise your business travel. Employees, clients and visiting VIPs can enjoy the flexibility that an account offers as vehicles can be ordered in advance or when required.  Account customers have priority so we can provide a  quick response time.




Upon completion of the online form and relevant credit checks, you will be allocated a dedicated accounts manager. A unique account number will be supplied making it an efficient process when making telephone, online or e-mail bookings.




With Redwoods of Heathrow :

  • Priority over cash and credit card bookings

  • Fixed price journeys regardless of route or time taken

  • No need to carry cash

  • 7/14 day credit facilities

  • Invoices sent via email in PDF format weekly or monthly

  • A dedicated account manager at your service



Having an account with Redwoods' is your all in one transport solution; invaluable to any business or individual.

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